Grounding Anodes МGB

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Underground Ferrosilid Grounding Anodes МGB are mounted in the wells in the electrochemical protection systems to shield underground pipelines and other metallic underground facilities against corrosion. Their installation requires the upper soil layers of 5 meters in depth to have 100 Om and more resistance. Grounding Anodes МGB are also used in overall site construction and limited land allocation for anodic field.

The equipment for anodic grounding from the assembled grounding anodes МGB at a particular site conforms the project documentation for cathodic protection. The project shows the parameters depending on the soil resistance, local conditions: number of modules in a well, number of wells and distance between them.

Delivery Terms and Design of Grounding Anodes МGB

  • Grounding Anode is manufactured on a ready-to-install basis. Each section of the device has one tube with an electrode. Current runs to the grounding anode section through a connecting cable. The sections can be connected in a chain (garland) to reduce transition resistance and to increase current load.
  • A gas outlet tube at the surface is aimed to remove the gases developed from operating grounding anodes. Tube length is similar to the well depth.
  • The area by the anode should be filled with carbonaceous backfill to reduce the resistance to current spreading from grounding anodes and to decrease dissolution rate.

Delivery packages with the Grounding Anodes МGB depend on the order and a cathodic protection project. In your order you should specify the method to connect the mains cable – with the anodic cable clamps underground or through test stations.

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