Electrochemical Protection System Installation

Protection from electrochemical corrosion presupposes a number of taken measures which prevents the corrosive processes, preserve and support the capacity of the constructions and equipment within their expected service life.

Design of Electrochemical Protection

монтаж ЭХЗ One of the key measures is to design electrochemical protection, including to carry out the works from analyzing corrosiveness level to preparing design documents for protection installation (cathodic, anodic, drainage, protective systems), and designing real-time remote control systems monitoring the wetness of the insulation at the controlled sites. Maximum dissolution rate for metal is calculated on the basis of expected service life for metallic constructions or utilities, accepted compositions of corrosion products in the area. Design of electrochemical protection systems also accounts for the areas of electrode potentials with metal to avoid quick dissolution. Electrochemical protection of pipelines from corrosion at the beginning and the end of their service life is designed with the following values:
  • for cathodic protection stations UKZ – current and voltage rate at the exits of cathodic station converters and resistance of anodic ground electrodes;
  • for protecting stations – rate of protection current;
  • for drainage protection – rate of drainage current.
A particular electrochemical protection system includes cathodic protection stations and power supply means, protecting stations, drainage stations (all or some of them). The system can also include test stations, troubleshooting stations, real-time remote control systems.

Installation and Commissioning of Electrochemical Protection Systems

If electrochemical protection systems is appropriately assembled, then this system can significantly increase service life of a metallic object. Two teams of mounters from EHZ-CENTER are experts in construction, installation and commissioning works for all types of electrochemical protection equipment. Order installation at 8-800-250-11-83 or send a request at ehz.center@gmail.com. Want to install Calculation of Electrochemical Protection System