Copper-Sulphate Reference Electrodes

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What is a Reference Electrode?

Copper-Sulphate Reference Electrode is used to measure the potential difference between a cathodic protection station and a protected metallic object.

EHZ-CENTER offers to buy Reference Electrodes and to deliver them.

Operating Principle and Diagram

The product’s work is based on oxidation-reduction reaction with copper and its salt (copper sulphate). Copper-Sulphate Reference Electrode is not polarized, i.e. it has a conducting capacity, i.e. its potential does not change.

Its typical diagram shows that the product consists of a copper rod inside a dielectric body which is filled with CuSO4 saturated solution (copper sulphate). The latter is separated from the soil with an ion-exchange membrane which is a porous screen and (or) a special ceramic filter. CuSO4 solution bleeds through a membrane, moistens it, and this membrane creates a galvanic contact between the rod and soil.

Occurred constant potential difference of copper-copper sulphate solution area becomes equal to the potential difference of a protected object — surrounding soil area with the devices.

Our Reference Electrodes

EHZ-CENTER offers you to buy Reference Electrodes: price depends on the model and its features. We offer the following types of products:

  • portable electrodes of thee types: EMS-1,2 with a long handle for intensive measurements, EMS-0,4 with a short handle for a stationary usage, EMS-VE with an auxiliary steel ring anode;
  • stationary electrodes SMES of four types: single-unit SMES-1, single-unit with an auxiliary anode SMES-1VE, two-unit SMES-2 and SMES-2VE for a dry climate;
  • ENES-3М with two chambers: electrolytic and bentonite;
  • stationary or portable ENES-1МS2 with two membranes;
  • single-unit ENES-1;
  • single-unit EMS-1;
  • single-unit EMS-3М.

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